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Multi-output Gaussian Processes: Coregionalization models using Hamadard product

This notebook shows how to implement the Intrinsic Coregionalization Model (ICM) and the Linear Coregionalization Model (LCM) using a Hamadard product between the Coregion kernel and input kernels. Multi-output Gaussian Process is discussed in this paper by Bonilla et al. [2007]. For further information about ICM and LCM, please check out the talk on Multi-output Gaussian Processes by Mauricio Alvarez, and his slides with more references at the last page.

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Kronecker Structured Covariances

PyMC contains implementations for models that have Kronecker structured covariances. This patterned structure enables Gaussian process models to work on much larger datasets. Kronecker structure can be exploited when

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Air passengers - Prophet-like model

We’re going to look at the “air passengers” dataset, which tracks the monthly totals of a US airline passengers from 1949 to 1960. We could fit this using the Prophet model [Taylor and Letham, 2018] (indeed, this dataset is one of the examples they provide in their documentation), but instead we’ll make our own Prophet-like model in PyMC3. This will make it a lot easier to inspect the model’s components and to do prior predictive checks (an integral component of the Bayesian workflow [Gelman et al., 2020]).

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