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Air passengers - Prophet-like model

We’re going to look at the “air passengers” dataset, which tracks the monthly totals of a US airline passengers from 1949 to 1960. We could fit this using the Prophet model [Taylor and Letham, 2018] (indeed, this dataset is one of the examples they provide in their documentation), but instead we’ll make our own Prophet-like model in PyMC3. This will make it a lot easier to inspect the model’s components and to do prior predictive checks (an integral component of the Bayesian workflow [Gelman et al., 2020]).

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Model building and expansion for golf putting

This uses and closely follows the case study from Andrew Gelman, written in Stan. There are some new visualizations and we steered away from using improper priors, but much credit to him and to the Stan group for the wonderful case study and software.

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