CAR(name, *args[, rng, dims, initval, ...])

Likelihood for a conditional autoregression.

Dirichlet(name, *args[, rng, dims, initval, ...])

Dirichlet log-likelihood.

DirichletMultinomial(name, *args, **kwargs)

Dirichlet Multinomial log-likelihood.

ICAR(name, *args[, rng, dims, initval, ...])

The intrinsic conditional autoregressive prior.

KroneckerNormal(name, *args[, rng, dims, ...])

Multivariate normal log-likelihood with Kronecker-structured covariance.

LKJCholeskyCov(name, eta, n, sd_dist, *[, ...])

Wrapper class for covariance matrix with LKJ distributed correlations.

LKJCorr(name, n, eta, *[, return_matrix])

The LKJ (Lewandowski, Kurowicka and Joe) log-likelihood.

MatrixNormal(name, *args[, rng, dims, ...])

Matrix-valued normal log-likelihood.

Multinomial(name, *args, **kwargs)

Multinomial log-likelihood.

MvNormal(name, *args[, rng, dims, initval, ...])

Multivariate normal log-likelihood.

MvStudentT(name, *args[, rng, dims, ...])

Multivariate Student-T log-likelihood.

OrderedMultinomial(name, *args[, compute_p])

Wrapper class for Ordered Multinomial distributions.

StickBreakingWeights(name, *args[, rng, ...])

Likelihood of truncated stick-breaking weights.

Wishart(name, *args[, rng, dims, initval, ...])

Wishart log-likelihood.

WishartBartlett(name, S, nu[, is_cholesky, ...])

Bartlett decomposition of the Wishart distribution.

ZeroSumNormal(*args[, zerosum_axes, ...])

ZeroSumNormal distribution, i.e Normal distribution where one or several axes are constrained to sum to zero.