Dev Sprint: Getting the PyMC v4.0 Release Out#

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The v4.0 release of the PyMC library was officially announced on June 6, 2022. To achieve this milestone, the PyMC team planned a week-long online sprint beginning May 30, 2022. The goal was to complete remaining issues on the v4.0 release. But, mainly it was to finalize the documentation and update the website for PyMC.

And all 3 websites had separate navigation bars and it was confusing for the users, maybe for the library maintainers too?

This Dev sprint was held on the new PyMC Discord server which easily enables sharing video, camera and screen share and provides an easy way to hop between “channels”.

We shared the sprint events on our new PyMC Online Meetup to involve experienced contributors in the community as well. We had a mix of core contributors and newcomers, which is a great combination, as it enables us to be productive, but also to foster the new generation of core developers. The following team members attended, from various locations around the world:

  • Thomas Wiecki (Germany)

  • Ricardo Vieira (Romania)

  • Christian Luhmann (New York, USA)

  • Alex Andorra (France)

  • Michael Osthege (Germany)

  • Oriol Abril Pla (Finland)

  • Chris Fonnesbeck (Nashville, USA)

  • Osvaldo Martin (Argentina)

  • Maxim Kochurov (Moscow, Russia)

  • Reshama Shaikh (New York, USA)

The PyMC project also have begun the 2022 Google Summer of Code (GSOC) program and the following GSOC folks joined:

  • Connor Hassan (Australia)

  • Purna Chandra Mansingh (India)

  • Danh Phan (Australia)

  • Larry Dong (Canada)

A number of contributors joined from the community:

  • Fernando Irarrázaval

  • Ivan Finaev

  • percevalve

  • Rob Zinkov (Germany)

There were lots of people throughout the week, and it is likely we are forgetting some folks. If we forgot you, let us know!

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Day 2 of PyMC v4.0 Developer Hackathon, June 2, 2022; Photo credit: Thomas Wiecki; (from left to right): Alex Andorra, Christian Luhmann, Connor Hassan , Maxime Kochurov, Oriol Abril Pla, Purna Chandra Mansingh, Ricardo Vieira, Rob Zinkov, Thomas Wiecki#

Highlight Achievements During the Sprint#

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Below are a list of highlights that the PyMC development team is excited to share.

New PyMC website:

Bambi: Hierarchical Generalized Linear Models#

Labeled Dimensions and Coordinates#

Oriol Abril Pla has an article with more details: PyMC 4.0 with Labeled Coords and Dims.

Hierarchical Modeling with LKJ Prior#

Tomas Capretto wrote an article on Hierarchical modeling with the LKJ (Lewandowski-Kurowicka-Joe) prior in PyMC

PyMC v4.0 & Aesara#

In this PyMC and Aesara notebook, Ricardo Vieira and Juan Orduz give an introduction of how PyMC models translate to Aesara graphs.

Plot Conditional Adjusted Prediction#

The new version also brings Plot Conditional Adjusted Predictions, if you are interested in contributing we are still lacking an example of this feature in our example gallery


Get started with v 4.0 by installing PyMC via `conda`. Read the full PyMC 4.0 Release Announcement and PyMC v4.0 Release Notes.

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