Build documentation locally#


Docs build is not supported on Windows. To build docs on Windows we recommend running inside a Docker container.

To build the docs, run these commands at PyMC repository root:

pip install -r requirements-dev.txt  # Make sure the dev requirements are installed
pip install numpyro  # Make sure `sampling/jax` docs can be built
pip install -e .  # Install local pymc version as installable package
make clean  # clean built docs from previous runs and intermediate outputs
make html   # Build docs
python -m http.server --directory docs/_build/  # Render docs

Check the printed URL where docs are being served and open it.

The make clean step is not always necessary, if you are working on a specific page for example, you can rebuild the docs without the clean step and everything should work fine. If you are restructuring the content or editing toctrees, then you’ll need to execute make clean.

A good approach is to skip the make clean, which makes the make html blazing fast and see how everything looks. If something looks strange, run make clean and make html one after the other to see if it fixes the issue before checking anything else.