PyMC ecosystem#

General purpose#

  • Bambi: BAyesian Model-Building Interface (BAMBI) in Python.

  • SunODE: Fast ODE solver, much faster than the one that comes with PyMC.

  • pymc-learn: Custom PyMC models built on top of pymc3_models/scikit-learn API

  • fenics-pymc3: Differentiable interface to FEniCS, a library for solving partial differential equations.

Domain specific#

  • Exoplanet: a toolkit for modeling of transit and/or radial velocity observations of exoplanets and other astronomical time series.

  • NiPyMC: Bayesian mixed-effects modeling of fMRI data in Python.

  • beat: Bayesian Earthquake Analysis Tool.

  • cell2location: Comprehensive mapping of tissue cell architecture via integrated single cell and spatial transcriptomics.